We have a broad range of industries

Edwards Air Force Base* 8,929
Naval Weapons Air Station – China Lake 7,995
Northrop Grumman 28,000
Lockheed Martin .3,700
NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center 1,370
Scaled Composites* ^100-249
The Spaceship Company 450
Virgin Galactic 405
PPG Aerospace ^250-499
Stratolaunch 255
BAE 150

Agriculture in California is a leading industry with cash farm receipts for 2011 totaling $43.5 billion (followed by Iowa $29.9b and Texas $22.7b). California farmers and ranchers produce more than 400 different crops and livestock commodities. California farming is family owned with less than 3% of California farmland owned by non-family corporations. In 2009 there were more than 81,000 farms in California, more than 65% of those are less than 50 acres in size.

California produces 80% of the world’s Almonds and 99% of the nation’s pistachio’s with Kern County leading the state in production of both. Kern County leads the nation in carrot production. Our top ten commodities in ranked order are 1) Milk & Cream 2) Almonds 3) Grapes 4) Cattle & Calves 5) Nursery products 6) Strawberries 7) Hay 8) Lettuce 9) Walnuts 10) Tomatoes. We are the national leader in Ag exports.


California City Municipal Airport (L 71), 6,045’ x75’ main runway offers opportunity to aviation enthusiasts and businesses within 100 mile radius with ease of access via air, three major highways, a stand-alone air quality district for East Kern County and the 40-acre industrial park. Located within the Edwards 2508 Military Operating Area makes it a prime location for Flight Test Development.


Inyokern Airport is a public use airport serving the northeastern communities of Kern County, CA. The airport covers 1,640 acres at an elevation of 2,457 feet, with three asphalt paved runways that can accommodate almost any class of civilian, commercial or military aircraft.

A.V. Union High School District** 2,300
Lancaster School District** 2,600
Palmdale School District** 1,792
Antelope Valley College** .1,275
Westside School District** 587
Tehachapi Unified School District** 464
Mojave Unified School District** 500
Southern Kern School District** 436
Sierra Sands School District** 631
Southern California Edison 250
 Waste Management ^100-249
GE Energy 150
World Wind & Solar~* 229
County of Los Angeles (AV Region) 3,933
CA State Prison (LA County) 1,476
CA Correctional Institute (Tehachapi) 1,581
California City State Prison . 683
City of Lancaster~* 700
City of Palmdale~* 585
City of California City 150
County of Kern (AV Region only) 100
Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Center~* 2,425
 Palmdale Regional Medical Center~* 1,100
 Kaiser Permanente~* 1,270
 Ridgecrest Regional Hospital~* 728
 High Desert Health Systems* ^500-999
 High Desert Medical Group 423
 Tehachapi Valley* 270
Rio Tinto Minerals 800
BYD . 830
Lance Campers 650
Granite Construction 400
Sun Select Produce 310
Sygma ^100-249
Kinkisharyo International, L.L.C 260
Incotec 250
Deluxe Corp. ^250-499
AVTA / Trans Dev. ~* . 170
Morton Manufacturing~ 240
Delta Scientific ^100-249
Golden Queen Mining, Co 250
Progress Rail 140
Lehigh Southwest Cement, Co. 120
Cal Portland Cement ^100-249
Wal-Mart(5)^~ 1,900
Antelope Valley Mall (All Stores)~ 1,800
Albertson’s (All Stores)^~ 750
Rite Aid Distribution Center 560
Home Depot (4)^~ 550
Michael’s Distribution Center 350
Vallarta (4)^~ 400
Lowe’s (3)^~ 350
Target (3)^~ 345
Costco~ 336
Sam’s Club~ 190
Southern California Edison 250
 Waste Management ^100-249
GE Energy 150
World Wind & Solar~* 229

An expansive land of opportunity lies just an hour north of Los Angeles.

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We’ve been developing advanced materials, building clean transport systems, crafting high-precision parts, generating fresh, green energy while adding value with innovative agricultural products.

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“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly defeat age.”

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California’s Community Colleges are in a unique position to assist businesses in developing a high-skilled, high-performance workforce

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Lancaster Elementary School District:
Palmdale School District:
Westside Union School District:
Wilsona Elementary School District:
Mojave Unified School District:
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Sierra Sands Unified School District:
Southern Kern Unified School District:
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Antelope Valley College:
Cal State Bakersfield AV:
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Learn for Life:
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