Membership Advantage

  • The AVEDGE is an important vehicle for YOU to shape tomorrow’s business climate.
  • The AVEDGE is an important forum for YOU to present issues and concerns and make valuable business contacts.
  • The AVEDGE is an important resource to help YOU solve business challenges.

The AVEDGE and You

If not yet a member, we invite your company to join AVEDGE. The Board is engaged in activities that promote economic growth and diversity through expanding employment opportunities, building quality infrastructures, creating a positive business climate, and being a strong legislative voice for the Antelope Valley.

Proposed Membership Structure
Level Annual Membership Dues Description
Individual $120 Individuals not associated with a business or organization
Small Business $275 Up to 25 employees
Mid Business $600 26 to 249 employees
Big Business $2,500 Over 250 employees
Small Municipal $2,500 Small City (<50,000 population)
Municipal $5,000 City or municipal (water district, etc.)
Regional Investors $15,000 Minimum amount, more based on circumstances